Fifteen minutes north of Ubud – in the middle of lush green ricepaddies, with a magnificent view of Bali’s mighty Mount Agung, lies Villa Bayad – a private luxurious 4 bedroom villa with two swimming pools, surrounded by a 8000 m2 garden of sweet smelling flowers, lotus ponds and waterfalls.

Staying here is your chance of experiencing the real Bali aesthetic from the inside and at the same time enjoying the tranquility of nature and the local countryside, while your friendly staff will be right there to cater to your every need.

And with Ubud – Bali’s cultural center – just 15 minutes away, you will be conveniently close to shops, restaurants and galleries.


“Bali belongs to the Gods. The inhabitants are no more than
transitory tenants of the land, who cultivate it and are nourished
from it’s yield during the short span of the body’s residence on earth.
People die, but the earth remains – the property of the Gods.”

Jane Belo, 1953